Section 10

We will consider all section 10 requests for removal from our live search results within 2/3 weeks.

To be considered, a record block under section 10 of the UK data protection act you should read the following:

1. Never have consented (current or historic) to the record being sold for example comparison websites or open or 2003 on wards edited electoral roll etc. Electoral Roll Records prior to 2003 were statutory records and thus are a public record. These records will only be blocked in exceptional circumstances unless you are currently resident and you have a genuine section 10 request.

2. The record is not currently a public record available for view or purchase by the general public within a library or other government building etc

3. Have evidence to substantiate substantial damage and or distress as required under section 10. If you claim harrassment or intimidation then there can be no exscuse for not reporting that act to the Police. Please forward a copy of the Police report as filed.

The ONLY types of document that is acceptable to confirm you are the true data subject are these Government issued:

1. Passport (You should blackout photo) full date of birth must be visible)

2. Driving Licence (You should blackout photo) Address on licence and full date of birth must be visible)

3. Birth certificate: No blackout


Please read principle 6 of the data protection act in regards to a data subjects rights.Please do not assume you have an automatic right to a record block.

Please view ICO website Here

The data protection act is clear

In brief – what does the Data Protection Act say about your rights to object to our processing a specific record?

An individual who wants to exercise this right has to put their objection in writing to you and state what they require you to do to avoid causing damage or distress.

The ICO refer to this notice as an “objection to processing” although it is also known as a “section 10 notice” in practice. The Act limits the extent to which you must comply with such an objection, in the following ways:

  • • an individual can only object to you processing their own personal data;
  • • processing an individual’s personal data must be causing unwarranted and substantial damage or distress; and
  • • the objection must specify why the processing has this effect.

In addition, an individual has no right to object to processing if:

  • • they have consented to the processing;
  • • the processing is necessary:
  • • in relation to a contract that the individual has entered into; or
  • • because the individual has asked for something to be done so they can enter into a contract;
  • • the processing is necessary because of a legal obligation that applies to you (other than a contractual obligation); or
  • • the processing is necessary to protect the individual’s “vital interests”.

If you believe you have grounds to make a section 10 request, please complete the section 10 request form below

If your submitted section 10 request does not conform to a valid section 10 request as per the UK data protection act ( Fully explained above) you will receive no further communication from this website on this subject.


Gloria Sanchez 

Head of Communications
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