Frequently asked questions

What does free for life mean?

This means you'll have access to the basic electoral roll search that we describe as the Freemium package for as long as we're around, Helping people to reunite with others with no charge for the Freemium package. The Freemium pachage includes full name and adddress with residency and whether the subject is alive or dead and any contact data when the information is available.

How does Free Electoral Roll make its money?

Freemium is a tried and tested business model. Freemium is a business model where a company offers a version of its subscription service to all its customer for free. This free (Freemium) version is a more basic version of the bells and whistles instant paid service. We also receive income from advertisers and sponsors.

Sign In and Registration Problems?

If you are unable to successfully sign into Free Electoral Roll, it is possible that your browser may not be accepting Cookies. Free Electoral Roll relies on the use of Cookies to remember your login information as you browse the website. Please ensure you enable cookies. If you have lost your password details or you just cannot remember the password, then please use the password recovery tool located on the Log in page. You can also use social media to log in.

Can I see Who Has Made A Search Upon Me?


What Sources of Data Do You Access?

Although the website is titled Free Electoral Roll only approximately 50% of the records processed are derived from that consented data source. The remaining records are collected and processed from consented statutory records like company house data or insolvency data. We also have a very active collection tool deployed against social media and the internet generally that identifies and collects information of intelligence value that has been recorded on the web and then cleverly interprets and converts that intelligence into an open source record.

Sign on with social Media

Yes - No problem.

Why Do I have To Wait Before I am able To view A Search Result?

We monitise the free website via adverts and promoting our paid services. The essence is the longer you stay on our website the better it is for us in regards to Mr Google. The waiting time can be from 2 minutes to 15 Minutes.

If you want an instant search result with access to contact telephone or email data please visit our sister website and you can avail of the paid services

Why is there a difference in the number of search results returned ?

a. On the free - unregistered results you can expect a maximum of 400 results returned.

b. On the members full results you should expect a maximum of only 50 search results

The reason for this is simple, it is designed to encourage members to use a more targeted approach rather than the shotgun approach of the unregistered user.